About Us

Phex & Regis Ltd specialise in Physical and Digital Products and can offer services in a variety of areas:

Graphic Design: for all your design needs, Print Media, Product Design and Digital Designs.P&R can design anything you need.

Animation Services: P&R offer a range of animation services, from initial concept, character design, story/script and storyboards (Pre-Production) to animation (Production). P&R can also offer Video Editing and Sound Design (Post Production) to your final animation.

Replication / Pressing Services: we can offer a service of turning your Product Design into a physical product. We specialise in CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray, Vinyl and Books and can be of service to offer T-shirt Printing, Business Cards, Flyers e.t.c

Digital Distribution: we offer a service of digitally distributing your audio content to over 40 online stores, including iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, YouTube and many more.

Phex & Regis Ltd specialise in Online Distribution of Audio and Visual Material, reaching online stores such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, Beatport and over 40 others. Offering free uploads to the online stores and great rates on revenue return. Graphic Design services also available for digital and physical products.

Enquire within: audio@phexandregis.com