Replication & Pressing Services

Phex & Regis are highly experienced in replication and pressing, whether you’re interested in CDs, DVDs, Vinyl or Blu Ray, P&R can get your products made.

Quantities as low as 50 units on CDs and DVDs, 250 units on Vinyl and 500 units on Blu Ray.
Involved with this are the various packaging concepts, from Jewel Cases, Amarays, Digipacks, Digifiles, Clamshells, Slipcased Products and much more.

P&R also has a branch in Book Pressings, whether you’re an aspiring or established author wanting to get stock of your best selling novel, we can help.

From Paperbacks to Hardbacks, from Stapled to Perfect Bound, we can press your books. Any quantities, even as low as One Book!

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